250g (8.8oz) Organic British Wool – Dyed Lilac


Organic Spinning and Felting Wool


250g (8.8oz) Organic British Wool – Dyed Shade Lilac

This wool is Dorset x Texel cross from an Organic Farm in Cornwall.

Scoured and dyed in Yorkshire.  May contain some contamination with vegetation as the sheep graze real fields (i.e. no Australian ‘monkeys’ eyebrows’!).

This dyed wool meets all the usual fastness standards.

As this wool is Certified Organic, it is fully traceable back to the specific clip on the farm.  It is also independently verified to be free of any harmful chemicals and to have low environmental impact from the field onwards.  We believe in supporting British Farming and British Manufacturing.

Supplied in loose uncarded form.

Ideal for hand spinning, felting, stuffing ….

This product is Certified Organic under Soil Association Certification Licence No DK 21317

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